Rotosound Launches the Cooperstand Guitar Stand in the UK

Rotosound is proud to announce the release and distribution of Cooperstand’s Professional Guitarstands in the UK! The Pro-G received a Best In Show Award at Summer NAMM 2010.

Guitar StandThis is a guitar stand like no other! Cooperstand is a uniquely superior design, built from top quality materials to be a versatile, compact, and attractive wooden guitar stand. Unlike many of its competitors, its low centre of gravity with four points of contact on the floor makes it very stable. Cooperstand Guitar StandThe lightweight, flexible gripping design means it can easily move along with the instrument if it is bumped, as a result it is very difficult to dislodge your instrument once it is in the stand. This makes it an extremely safe and secure place to keep even the finest stringed instrument. The stand is as effective for acoustic and electric guitars as it is for smaller stringed instruments like mandolins, violins, and most resonator back banjos.

Cooperstand - Guitar StandIn addition, the Cooperstand which weighs 16 ounces (500gms), can be opened with one hand, and folds up to fit conveniently in gig bags or the headstock area of most guitar cases. It has closed cell neoprene padding, inert silicone plugs at contact points to protect and hold your instrument snugly in place, and no exposed sharp metal edges. It’s the perfect choice for the performing musician looking for a professional stringed instrument stand. Users of Cooperstands include Steve Cropper (Dock of the Bay-Otis Redding, Blues Brothers, Booker T and the MG’s), Brian Ray (Paul McCartney Band) and Grammy award winner Carl Jackson.

Cooperstand is the most important thing inside a guitar case since the guitar (and your Rotosound strings of course!). It will retails for £39.95, is available on-line through the Rotosound website and through authorised UK dealers.

Orange Smart Power SP210Following the launch of the groundbreaking Terror Bass at NAMM 09, Orange amplification are launching a series of state-of-art bass speaker cabinets. In keeping with the ‘Tiny Terror’ concept, small is the new big, these new compact speakers, pound for pound, deliver more power and more volume than any other currently on the market.

Using breakthrough technology, the new ‘Smart Power’ range of speakers come in three sizes and utilises, for the first time in this market, Isobaric loudspeaker construction.  This revolutionary technology is based on mounting two Lightweight Neodymium Eminence Speakers within the cabinet behind each other and in practical terms this not only lowers the bass frequency but also delivers more output from within a smaller sized cabinet.
Orange Smart Power SP410
Orange Smart Power SP810The three new models are the SP210 ( 600 watts)  SP212 ( 600 watts ) SP410    ( 1200 watts) and all have a dynamic and responsive tone and the trademark compact ‘Tiny Terror’ size with the SP 210 coming in a little over 30 cms square! Built in the UK using marine quality Baltic birch plywood, the Smart Power cabs are all rated at 8 ohms and create an awe inspiring sound.... in short the new Smart Power range integrates big ideas into one small speaker system... Small is the new big!

Orange are also introducing a new OBC810 bass speaker cabinet using 8 x 10” speakers in a rock solid construction with rear castors and grip handles. For the ultimate in professional sound quality and road ready dependability this new speaker uses superior quality materials to deliver a world class sound.

White Finish Orange AmpBritish amplifier manufacturer Orange, have for decades produced their instantly recognisable, brightly coloured Orange Amplifiers and picture-frame cabinets and more recently offered Black as a standard option. Their revolutionary styling, have not only set them apart, but literally helped guitarists the world over, stand out from the crowd.

Jägermeister DrinksJägermeister, one of the world’s most successful independant drinks brands has just announced a partnership with the iconic British amplifier manufacturer, Orange.

The collaboration sees Orange as the exclusive amplifier partner in the UK and their famous amps will be used across a wide range of high profile Jägermeister events. Both brands, have an enviable reputation of supporting signed and unsigned bands and together they will be working on a number of exciting projects across the UK.

Monolith PickupMusical equipment upstart, rebelSonic of Toronto, announced that they will be unveiling the Monolith™, “the biggest pickup on the planet” at the Winter NAMM 09 at the Eastwood® Guitar booth #1331 Hall E at show in Anaheim, CA.

The Monolith™ is not just the biggest pickup on the planet; it’s a completely new concept in pickup sound and design. The Monolith is actually three totally different sounds, not available in any other pickup, all packed into one seriously oversized shell. The three Monolith sounds are: JackHAMMER - a Humbucker with major league attitude, cementMIXER - a deep, dirty sludge tone great for that Clapton woman tone, and icePICK - a P90 on steroids that cuts through the thickest mix. The result is one guitar that takes the place of three guitars - that’s revolutionary sonic engineering.