Randall Amplifiers announced last week the general availability of its MTS Series modular guitar preamp system, which combines the tone of time-tested tube amplifiers with the convenience of flexible modular technology.

The MTS Series from Randall now helps guitarists change their sound faster. These MTS modules are based on the tonal circuits from Marshall, Vox, Fender and Randall amplifiers. These amps help achieve the tube tones for all music genres. These amplifies help increase tonal flexibility with its bass, mid, treble, gain and master controls.

Randall amps are used by Anthrax, Metallica, Def Leppard, Fear Factory, Linkin Park and Arch Enemy.

Grafton Electronics has announced the release of its new line of Stomp Boxes. The new features four original stomp box versions of Dan Armstrong's most popular sound modifiers.

For the first time ever, the Orange Squeezer, Blue Clipper, Black Reaper and Green Ringer will be available in stomp box format. These boxes are duplicates of the original Dan Armstrong effects, but also include several new features.

Austin, TX, July 27, 2007—BOSS expands its famous ME series multi-effects family with the ME-20, a powerful multi-effects unit optimized for live performance. Easy to use and road tough, the ME-20 provides world class overdrive, distortion, delay, chorus, phaser, flanger, tremolo, rotary, and EQ effects, taking BOSS’s performance-based philosophy to a very affordable price point.

This little powerhouse features a newly designed super-rugged metal chassis complete with three footswitches, 5 real-time control knobs, and an expression pedal. The EZ Edit feature allows preset effect templates to be selected which call up entire effect settings with the turn of a single knob.  The OD-DS solo function gives guitarists an additional punchy and high impact lead tone per patch.

In addition to the realtime performance-based operation, 30 user memory locations are available allowing players to store their favorite sounds for easy retrieval during practice and performance.

Battery or AC operated; the ME-20 Multiple Effects Processor allows musician’s to take it anywhere, anytime.

New Dan Armstrong stomp boxes released

Grafton Electronics has announced the release of its new line of Stomp Boxes. The new features four original stomp box versions of Dan Armstrong's most popular sound modifiers.

Austin, TX, July 27, 2007— Roland’s V-Drums® are the most popular electronic drums in the world, but not everyone has the room or budget for a full V-Drums kit. Introducing the new Roland HD-1. It's forged from the same technology as its predecessors, but it's much simpler to use.

It might look small, but the HD-1 is every bit a V-Drums Set in every way. With Roland’s legendary V-Drum know-how at the core, this little kit is a dream for beginners, hobbyists, and project studios, as well as for parents, since the volume level can be completely controlled via volume knob and/or headphones.

The HD-1 is equipped with an external input for connecting CD-players, iPods®, and the like. Jam along with your favorite songs, and control the blend of music and your live drumming through headphones or an amplifier.

Additionally, the HD-1 is equipped with a MIDI out, for sound expansion and sequencing capabilities.

The HD-1 is a great way to enhance musical expression and enjoyment in your home. Used along with other popular instruments such as Roland’s digital pianos, the HD-1 will serve as the nucleus for family fun and musical enrichment.

The new HD-1 is also incredibly quiet, thanks to the newly designed beater-less kick pedal, cushioned tom pads, and snare head. The HD-1 is also conveniently compact and stylish—perfect for every home, school, studio, office, etc. — and it's priced for the masses. Most of the HD-1’s components are mounted on one stand for easy setup and transport. Just take it out of the box and play.

The HD-1 also ships with a DVD setup guide and basic drum instruction from famed drummer, Johnny Rabb.

For a complete package, check out the HD-a PAK. It includes everything you need to start drumming including the HD-1 set, PM-01 monitor, and DAP-1 accessory pack featuring sticks, throne, earbuds, and mini-to-mini cable to connect your MP-3 player to the HD-1’s mix-input.

V-Drums in every home is now a reality!