Born: 26 August 1979
Birth Place: Antalya, Turkey

Yagmur Sarigul born in Turkey later moved to Ankara while he was 3 years old. From his young age Yagmur was grown up listening to classical and Turkish music. Both his father and mother were instrumentalists. His mom used to play the Oud and his father the Ney. However, both of them were amatures. Yagmur Sarigul’s first instrument of learning was the piano which he learnt at the age of ten.

Yagmur went on to learn at the Ankara Anatolian Arts High School where he discovered that his instrument of choice would be the Guitar. He moved on to play with several rock bands. He also received various awards and recognistions like the Best Musician at the “Sing Your Song” contest in the year 2002. He formed the maNga in 2001.

Yağmur also played with other artists on their music compositions.

"İz Bırakanlar Unutulmaz" - maNga; original by Vega
"Raptiye Rap Rap" -Mutlaka Yavrum - Cem Karaca

Guitars Used: Washburn
                          Ibanez K7
                         Cort Viva-7
                         Cort Turkish Edition

Woody Aplanalp uses a 24 fret Gibson contour guitar. The guitar has a bird eye maple neck and a purple heart fingerboard. The Gibson guitar has been modified with a Vintage Gibson Mini Humbucker in the middle, vintage Bill Lawrence humbucker in the bridge.

The guitar also flirts a Bigsby tremolo with a Fernandes Sustainer. It also has a lace sensor behind the bridge with Z-Vex Wah-Probe Interruptor switch and Sperzel locking tuners.

Born: April 30, 1933
Place: Abbott, Texas

Willie Hugh Nelson was born and raised in Texas. He is a great songwriter and entertainer. He is recognized by all the country music singers in the world. He was widely publicized and became popular during the “outlaw country” movement way back in 1970.

Willie Nelson started learning music by mail order lessons sent by his grandparents when he was six. He met Bud Gletcher and Bobbie. Bobbie played the piano and Bud the fiddler.

Later Willie Hugh Nelson joined the Air Force but had to leave the air force due to his back problems. He later attended the Baylor University and then became a Digital Jockey working at the country music radio station in Fort Worth.

Nelson later moved to Tennessee but was still unable to get a record label for a long time. However, during the 1970’s Nelson made a remarkable name in music with great songs and albums. In 1976 he has his first platinum album. Later in 1978, he had two more platinum albums Waylon and Willie.

During 1979, he also started acting appearing in various movies like:
  • The Electric Horseman (1979)
  • Honeysuckle Rose (1980)
  • Thief (1981)
  • Barbarosa (1982)
  • Red-Headed Stranger

Born: March 2, 1965

Place: Judenburg, Austria

Wolfgang Muthspiel is a jazz guitarist and composer. The Austrian guitarist is also the brother of the piano and trombone player Christian Muthspiel.

Muthspiel first started playing the violin at the age of six. In his teenage, he started studying jazz and classical guitar and did his graduation in Berklee College of Music and New England Conservatory after which he joined the Gary Burton’s band replacing Pat Metheny.

Wolfgang Muthspeil has also played with several famous jazz musicians like Bob Berg, Gary Peacock, John Patitucci, Paul Motian, Don Alias, Maria Joao, Dave Liebman, Larry Grenadier and Peter Erskine. He is also noted for winning the much acclaimed Eurpoean Jazz Prize.

After his influential carrier as a jazz and classical guitarist Muthspiel returned to Vienna and started his own recording company calld Material Records.


  • 1987 - Duo Due Focus It (with Christian Muthspiel)
  • 1989 - Timezones
  • 1989 - Duo Due Tre
  • 1990 - The Promise
  • 1993 - Muthspiel-Peacock-Muthspiel-Motian (with Christian Muthspiel)
  • 1993 - Black And Blue
  • 1993 - In And Out
  • 1995 - Loaded, Like New
  • 1996 - Perspective
  • 1998 - CY (with Christian Muthspiel)
  • 1999 - Work In Progress
  • 2000 - Daily Mirror (with Rebekka Bakken)
  • 2001 - Real Book Stories
  • 2001 - Echoes Of Techno (with Christian Muthspiel)
  • 2002 - Continental Call
  • 2002 - Beloved (with Rebekka Bakken)
  • 2003 - That's All Daisy Needs
  • 2003 - EARly MUSIC (with Christian Muthspiel)
  • 2004 - Air, Love & Vitamins
  • 2004 - Solo
  • 2005 - Bright Side
  • 2007 - Friendly Travelers (with Brian Blade)