Born: 26 August 1979
Birth Place: Antalya, Turkey

Yagmur Sarigul born in Turkey later moved to Ankara while he was 3 years old. From his young age Yagmur was grown up listening to classical and Turkish music. Both his father and mother were instrumentalists. His mom used to play the Oud and his father the Ney. However, both of them were amatures. Yagmur Sarigul’s first instrument of learning was the piano which he learnt at the age of ten.

Yagmur went on to learn at the Ankara Anatolian Arts High School where he discovered that his instrument of choice would be the Guitar. He moved on to play with several rock bands. He also received various awards and recognistions like the Best Musician at the “Sing Your Song” contest in the year 2002. He formed the maNga in 2001.

Yağmur also played with other artists on their music compositions.

"İz Bırakanlar Unutulmaz" - maNga; original by Vega
"Raptiye Rap Rap" -Mutlaka Yavrum - Cem Karaca

Guitars Used: Washburn
                          Ibanez K7
                         Cort Viva-7
                         Cort Turkish Edition