Tracktion T5 DAW

Tracktion Corporation has surprised most DAW users and mainly its competitors by offering its award-winning T5 DAW software completely free to the public. Now we can download this powerful popular multi-track recording and editing software free at no cost or any obligations.

FourChords Karaoke App

FourChords Guitar Karaoke app, an app for guitar playing lessons, has just released its latest version. This app, which boasts of more than a million users worldwide, has been designed to be the fastest way to learn to play your favorite songs on the guitar without the need to read music or know any theory. Forget air-guitar start real-guitar with your FREE trial now.

GHS Strings

GHS Strings has announced updated Tension charts for Electric guitar strings and is now available FREE on their website. GHS Strings is one of the few companies to offer such comprehensive information with layouts that include single strings as well.

Traction T7

Tracktion Corporation, a music recording software company, has announced the launch of T7, the latest version of their popular digital audio workstation (DAW). Starting at just $60 for a new license and available exclusively from, T7 introduces new technology to inspire creativity while remaining remarkable value.