FourChords Guitar Karaoke app, an app for guitar playing lessons, has just released its latest version. This app, which boasts of more than a million users worldwide, has been designed to be the fastest way to learn to play your favorite songs on the guitar without the need to read music or know any theory. Forget air-guitar start real-guitar with your FREE trial now.

Many people would love to learn to play the guitar at the click or swipe of a button. Using the Fourchords app, learning guitarists can quickly play their choice of more than 1500 songs, in all genre like rock, metal, country, jazz, pop or traditional. Tracks from many popular brands like One Direction, Adele, Coldplay, Iron Maiden, Johnny Cash, Oasis and The Beatles are available, with more being added every week. Imagine downloading the latest hit from your favorite artists and playing it to friends minutes later; picture their reaction!

‘With FourChords we want to get people playing, and enjoying, music as quickly as possible,’ said Paula Lehto, CMO of Musopia. ‘The app breaks down popular songs from all genres into four simple chords, displaying them in a karaoke style. This Instant Play MethodTM can quickly take budding guitarists through each level of learning and getting them to what we call the ‘Campfire level’ – good enough to play for a sing-a-long!’

The latest version of Fourchords, the only guitar app with the Instant Play MethodTM, comes with: -

  • Simplified chords for every song
  • Easy Strum patterns
  • Adjustable Tempo control
  • Karaoke style lyrics
  • Improved visuals
  • Three different skill levels
  • New Learning badge system
  • Added support for iOS 9 devices, Bluetooth speakers and headphones
  • Bonus! Free chromatic guitar tuner
  • It can be easy to be discouraged when learning to play the guitar. Not anymore. Fourchords is a fun, fast, flexible digital personal guitar teacher in your pocket, which will have you playing guitar in minutes. Check out FourChords at, also available on the Apple App Store