Born: April 30, 1933
Place: Abbott, Texas

Willie Hugh Nelson was born and raised in Texas. He is a great songwriter and entertainer. He is recognized by all the country music singers in the world. He was widely publicized and became popular during the “outlaw country” movement way back in 1970.

Willie Nelson started learning music by mail order lessons sent by his grandparents when he was six. He met Bud Gletcher and Bobbie. Bobbie played the piano and Bud the fiddler.

Later Willie Hugh Nelson joined the Air Force but had to leave the air force due to his back problems. He later attended the Baylor University and then became a Digital Jockey working at the country music radio station in Fort Worth.

Nelson later moved to Tennessee but was still unable to get a record label for a long time. However, during the 1970’s Nelson made a remarkable name in music with great songs and albums. In 1976 he has his first platinum album. Later in 1978, he had two more platinum albums Waylon and Willie.

During 1979, he also started acting appearing in various movies like:
  • The Electric Horseman (1979)
  • Honeysuckle Rose (1980)
  • Thief (1981)
  • Barbarosa (1982)
  • Red-Headed Stranger