MicroHUSH has now joined the world of micro/mini pedals. The HUSH noise reduction pedal is now in a micro chassis. It wipes out hiss, unwanted feedback and pickup buzz while maintaining music signal integrity and takes up less space on pedalboards.

Pedalboard space is always at a premium. The compact rugged chassis of the MicroHUSH has minimal impact on pedal-rigs and maximum impact on guitar related noise problems. It is a true bypass pedal: when turned off it is out of the signal path.

Easy to use, for the best results simply plug in the MicroHush after distortion boxes, wahs, noisy vintage effect and turn the threshold control knob until the noise goes away. Like all Rocktron HUSH products, the MicroHUSH tracks the signal all the way to ensure no chopped off notes or altered sustain and achieves up to 65dB of signal clean up. (Please note to eliminate 60 cycle ground loop hum, Rocktron recommend using the Buzz Kill AC Audio Isolation Transformer.)

The MicroHUSH specifications are: -

Input Impedance 470kΩ
Output Impedance 1kΩ
Maximum Input +5dBu
Maximum Output +5dBu
Current Consumption 15mA
Power Requirement 9V DC OnTap Universal Power Supply (sold separately) is recommended. 2.1mm Jack Negative Tip/Positive Barrel
Dimensions 3 5/8" x 2 1/8" x 2"
(92mm x 54mm x 48mm)
Weight 5.3oz (150g)

he MicroHUSH is the latest member of the renowned HUSH family that includes the HUSH Super C, HUSH Pro, HUSH Ultra, HUSH the Pedal and HUSH 2X. The new MicroHUSH is currently being used out on tour by Scott Middleton (Cancer Bats), Marc Rizzo (Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy) and The Used.