When we live in an era where tuners have become as small as a keychain one might wonder why a tuner in the size of a rack?

A rack tuner has its own advantages especially in a studio where the tuning has to be precise and need not be moved around. Its also great on a stage for a band which plays in dimmer lights.

Rocktron’s Versatune rack tuner has proven to be an essential piece of gear not only on the road, but in studios as well. In the case of rockers Thousand Foot Krutch, the versatile, true-bypass rack tuner for both guitar and bass has provided exceptional functionality, ease of use, and flexibility with international use in recording studios in both the USA (Nashville) and Canada (Toronto).

Why the VersaTune rack tuner?

The extra large case allows for more sophisticated hardware and advanced features, ideal for recording studios. Its large note indicator is easy to see on stage with the large display and bright LED’s providing the perfect amount of light. The VersaTune shows its versatility with plenty of presets for altered, dropped and open tunings. Its multiple ins and outs mean it can easily be incorporated in more complex set ups. In addition, the VersaTune can also be used for mandolins, ukuleles and pedal steel guitars.