Perri’s have introduced their new Hootenanny Guitar Straps. These retro straps, made by craftsmen that bought guitarists the wicked Full Air Brushed Strap, have been created with the high degree of attention to artistic design, detail, and comfort that has come to be expected from the company.

Hootenanny is a Scottish word meaning celebration or party that has become a colloquialism in the Appalachian region of the US where many of the settlers were originally Scots. These days it commonly refers to an open mic folk music party where the audience often joins in. The abstract patterns of these funky woven guitar straps have a distinct traditional feel with beautiful colour combinations that are reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s.

The striking, ethnic, geometric patterns of the jacquard woven fabric used in the straps comes in ten different colour ways; plenty to chose from for any discerning guitar player. The fabrics high tread count makes if hard wearing whilst its soft texture makes it extremely comfortable to use. The 5oz premium belt leather ends provide a safe and secure fit to most guitars.

Made in Canada, the Hootenanny Guitar Straps straps are 2” wide and fully adjustable from 39” to 58.

Put some soul into your festivities with Perri’s Hootenanny Guitar Straps.