Ibanez RG350dxThe Ibanez RG350DX comes with the ultra-fast Wizard II neck and has Ibanez IBZ INF Infinity series pickups which give one of the best sound which helps play faster.  One of the best in its price range. The RG350DX also has a 3-piece maple neck, with an bound rosewood fretboard. The rosewood fretboard is fitted to provide a smooth tone. The Ibanez RG350DX has a 24 jumbo fret board with a basswood body and all black hardware. The stable Ibanez Edge III tremolo bridge used in RG350DX is the same tremolo set used in the other expensive Ibanez models. The price tag with all these accessories is great.

Ibanez Edge III Tremolo Bridge
the new Edge III is similar in construction and feel to the original, popular Ibanez Edge locking trem, however this version also features lower profile fine-tuners inspired by the lo-PRO Edge and massive, new-design saddles.

Series Features:
For over 15 years, the undisputed standard in guitars for the hard rock player.

Pickups and pickup placement provide the hard-edged cutting tone needed for heavy rock.

24 fret thin, flat and fast Wizard and Wizard II necks. Rounder Ultra necks available on RGT3120 neck-thru-body models.

Technical Info

- Wizard II neck

- Neck Material: 3-piece maple

- Body: Basswood

- 24 Jumbo frets

- Bound Rosewood Fingerboard

- Edge III tremolo bridge

- Neck Pickup: IBZ INF3 (Humbucker)

- Middle Pickup: IBZ INFS3 (Single Coil)

- Bridge Pickup: IBZ INF4 (Humbucker)

- Sharktooth Inlay

- Hardware Color: Black