Boss GT Pro Guitar Effects ProcessorPlug into BOSS’s most powerful rack processor ever. With a dual COSM® effects engine and an expansive I/O section that includes XLR outputs, three sets of send/returns, and a USB port for data exchange and audio flow, the new GT-Pro is the perfect front-end for driving a wall of powered cabinets or for direct, pro-grade recording applications. Whether on stage or in the studio, you’ll be amazed at how much power and performance this top-quality rack has to offer.

Dual COSM® Amp Power
With its dual COSM amp-modeling, the GT-Pro allows you to construct towering tones by combining any two of the 46 amp models — then layer, switch, or pan between them as your play. Amp channels can even be controlled according to how hard you play (picking dynamics). In addition, no matter which amp model you’ve selected, you can instantly access a companion lead tone with the Solo Switch. It’s like having a separate solo channel for every COSM amp model!

BOSS’s Best Multi-FX
Looking for BOSS’s best effects? You’ll find them here. As the top of GT line, the GT-Pro provides 44 effects categories, with 200 preset- and 200 user-patch locations. Choose from compressors, overdrives, delays, reverbs, choruses, EQs, wahs, and dozens of other BOSS-quality effects — there’s even a sitar and acoustic guitar emulator onboard. The GT-Pro also impresses with its ultra-flexible effects routing. Internally, the 15 effects blocks can be configured in any order you desire; externally, a trio of effects loops plus an array of assignable outputs enables the most flexible signal-routing configurations. Used as a rackmount guitar preamp, the GT-Pro crushes the competition with its advanced internal effects and routing flexibility.

Pro Connectivity
Drive your tone in luxury through the GT-Pro’s top-grade circuitry and balanced outputs. Thanks to its improved signal-to-noise ratio, the GT-Pro offers an incredibly pure signal path. Use the built-in ground-lift switch to keep your signal clean, no matter the stage or studio environment. If you wish to add some serious settings for the stage environments, you can split the signals independently to a couple of guitar amps with the stereo Sub Outs. I/O flexibility is the name of the game with the GT-Pro, as it also provides four 1/4-inch analog audio outputs, a pair of balanced XLR outputs, and three pairs of effects send/returns.

Digital Recording & Patch Management
    No matter how simple or complex your recording needs are, the GT-Pro has the tools you need to get pro-quality results. For pristine, high-resolution recording, plug into the 24-bit coaxial output — the routing of which is user-definable. In recording situations, you could set up multiple signal paths — one for the recording input, for example, one for your private monitor, and another to the digital out in the signal path, independent of the loop out and main outs. For one-cable patch management, a USB port is provided for connecting the GT-Pro to a computer of your choice; the GT-Pro comes with Mac/PC editor/librarian software at no additional cost. In addition, the GT-Pro provides USB-Audio functionality.