Line 6 tone specialists and special guest guitarists will explore the history of great tone and help students discover how to develop their own signature sound.

Line 6, Inc. has announced the Tone Master Class, an one-day event that will help guitarists deepen their skills and develop their own authentic guitar tones. Line 6 tone experts and special guest guitarists will educate attendees on the history of iconic guitar tones and lead hands-on exercises that will help guitarists understand the gear, secrets and techniques that go into creating great sounds for guitar. The Tone Master Class is an extension of the Line 6 Tone Made Pro series of online tutorials, which are designed to educate guitarists on the fundamentals of great guitar tone.

The Tone Master Class will be held on Thursday, August 25th at the Line 6 headquarters in Calabasas, CA. The Line 6 HelixTM guitar processor will be used as the hands-on, interactive teaching platform, as its advanced hardware and software are ideal for allowing guitarists to recreate the wide range of amps, effects that are to be covered in the class. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own guitars for use at their Helix stations. The all-day event will be broken up into three separate sections, with different instructors and exercises for each topic.

“Line 6 has been studying the elements of great guitar tone for the past 20 years, and we’re excited to host this special event and use our expertise to educate the next generation of amazing guitarists,” said Simon Jones, Vice President of Product Marketing, Line 6. “The Tone Master Class is a great opportunity for guitarists to get hands-on, personal instruction from Line 6 tone gurus and special guests. Not only will they learn about the history of great guitar tone, they’ll be putting into practice the advanced techniques they need in order to develop their own unique tonal character.”

After guitarists are armed with the historical information about amps and effects, the next section will take a deep dive into working with modeled tones. Guitarists will learn how to pair amps, cabs, and microphones to achieve the best possible clean and distorted tones. Guitarists will also learn about using modeled tones in the studio, and how Line 6 gear has been used to create hit records.

The first section will cover the roots and basics of tone creation and will deconstruct the iconic sound of many guitar greats. Guitarists will learn about different types of amps and basic categories of effects. The instructor will explore in-depth topics like feedback, the sonic difference between American and British amp power sections, how power supplies can affect tone, and more.

The final section will tie the entire class together and allow guitarists to use the information they’ve gained to create exciting new tones. Using Helix and their knowledge of studio-centric signal flow, guitarists will be encouraged to bend and shape tones to their will, allowing them to find their own unique sound in the process.

To learn more about attending the event, click here: Line 6 Tone Master Class.