Kenneth K.K Downing is one of the founders of the famous heavy metal band Judas Priest from England. He started calling himself "K.K" because when he was in Denmark a girl could not pronounce his name properly.

K.K Downing was born on 27th October 1951 in West Bromwich, England. He droped from school at the age of fifteen and after a year his parents sent him out of his house. Since then, he has not spoken to his parents. This was when he came to know about the guitar. Though his parents did not support or encourage him, he took hold on to it and the rest is history.

Kenneth K.K Downing greatest influence is Jimi Hendrix. He purchased his first guitar after he droped out of school. It is said that Downing's mother still insists that he should get a proper job and not take guitar as his profession.

Kenneth K.K Downing has been with the band for more than 35 years now. He started it together with his schoolmare Ian Hill. Though Downing has a home in Spain, he spends his major part of life at Astbury Hall in England. This home in Shropshire is a secluded area and has a lot of privacy making a perfect atmosphere for him to play his loud leads.