Real Name: Jonathan David Schneck
Born: 1981

Jonathan David Schneck is a guitarist born in 1981 in Florida. He is better known for his work with the Christian Rock Band “Relient K”.

Jonathan Schneck is currently working with “Relient K”.

Jonathan Schneck learnt and started playing guitar at the age of ten. He formed the band “Flippant” along with his friends when he was in seventh grade. The band disbanded when he reached his high school. Jonathan Schneck later performed in few of the bands in high school. Jonathan enrolled in a college and studied for a month and came back home. He later moved to Nashville, where he got a job selling cowboy boots downtown.

While Jonathan Schneck was performing in the band ‘De Novo Dahl’, he was offered the job as a roadie for “Jessica Simpson’s” first headline tour. A production company hired him and the band was on hold. Jonathan quit ‘De Novo Dahl’ after the tour and started working with the production company which hired him. Jonathan Schneck performed in several tours with the company and one of which was with the Christian rock band “Audio Adrenaline”. He was referred as “Frodo” in the band.

Jonathan Schneck
Jonathan Schneck

In 2004, Audio Adrenaline toured with the band ‘Relient K’ and became good friends with band members of Relient K. Jonathan Schneck was offered to play guitarist, banjo player, bell player and other instruments here and there, eventually he was offered has a band member in January 2005. Jonathan also plays piano/keyboard and mandolin in acoustic sessions. Jonathan Schneck is usually seen playing backup guitar to the lead guitarist ‘Matt Hoopes’ of Relient K.

Jonathan Schneck has created nine video podcasts throughout ‘Matt Hoopes Birthday Tour’ and has made fourteen to fifteen total podcasts by now for Relient K.

Jonathan Schneck resides in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife, Lindsay and son Liam.

Some of his albums include:

  • ‘Alive DVD’ by Audio Adrenaline (2003)
  • ‘Apathetic EP’ by Relient K (2005)
  • ‘Five Score and Seven Years Ago’ and ‘Let it Snow, Baby…Let it Reindeer’ by Relient K (2007)